Rainbow Day At Community Kindy 3

On Wednesday 29 August it was Rainbow Day at Margaret River Community Kindy for Blue and Red Groups, followed by Green Group on the Thursday and Yellow Group on the following Tuesday.  Clare Dallimore organised the event, consolidating the children’s learning about colour through a series of colour-filled activities.

Local environmental artist, Elaine Clotcherty, creates pictures using nature.  With the children’s help, she created a beautiful circular rainbow tree.  The children collected and brought in flowers which they sorted into colours then used to create the rainbow.  Children dressed in rainbow colours and enjoyed a day packed with colourful rainbow activities.  You can visit Elaine’s website here to see some of her other works of art. They are quite inspiring. Elaine Clotcherty

Other outdoor activities included: rainbow bubble blowing, hand painting rainbows and patterns with shaving foam coloured with edicol die, twirling coloured ribbons and a group game using a rainbow parachute with balls.  Inside activities included:  making rainbow chalk drawings, creating pizza faces,  making rainbow smoothies and artistic activities like making their names using rainbow rice, rainbow crayons and paintings beads in bright rainbow colours.

Judging from the positive feedback, parents and children were very enthusiastic and enjoyed the day immensely.  😆

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Written and photos by Clare Dallimore; Posted by D. Veary

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