popping corn 004 (Small)

It seems forever ago now that we fired up the gas burners, heated the oil, filled the pan and waited………….for the sweet sound of popcorn popping. No ordinary popcorn. The inaugural batch of Kitchen Garden popcorn. The experiment was a resounding success.


Picking corn

Popcorn comes from a specific cultivar of corn which is usually picked when it is small and green and used for stir frying in Asian dishes. But when it is left and allowed to mature on the old, dry, browned off plant the kernels go a brilliant golden colour, they dry off and after a month or so they are picked.



They are then allowed to further dried off the bush for about a month and after successive tests to determine if they are ready to pop, the kernels are stripped off the cob (Mr McLeod has the blisters to prove it) and ready for either storing for up to a year or popping!! For an impulsive person like me it was difficult to endure the wait, but it was definitely worth it.

popping corn 003 (Small)


In other news in the Garden, we are excited to say that we submitted our application for funding through the Stephanie Alexander Foundation on June 3rd and will eagerly await news from Victoria. If successful, the grant will allow us to expand the program after extending the garden and fitting out the transportable classroom into a teaching kitchen. It will allow more classes to take part in an extended garden and 3 whole year groups to use the kitchen. So fingers crossed!

The winter garden is now fully planted and our first harvest of broccoli, the size of dinner plates and sweet as ever, came off last week. We are hoping to be selling at the next Farmers’ market as more and more produce becomes available. Sally Hays, our community volunteer has come back to the garden after a long stint up north with her family and it is great to have her back. As always, we welcome parents to come along and join in, every Tuesday weather permitting. If you are thinking of coming along, please phone the school to check which fortnightly roster we are on as it changes from week to week.

Happy gardening.     Susie