Pod Squad Music-Makers 3

Our inaugural Pod Squad (Harper, Scarlett, Ruby and Sam) have recorded their podcast song!

Every podcast needs a catchy tune to set the tone of what’s to come. It’s the tune you’ll recognise, telling you that you’re listening to your regular podcast!

Their enthusiasm knows no bounds!  From our first meeting they wanted to create their song from scratch. Not content to create music using Garage Band, they were keen to use their musical talents to the full – writing lyrics and performing the song! So, we sat in the warmth of the sun in the kitchen garden and wrote lyrics together. Ms Helen agreed to work with the pod squad to develop music for the song, then guide and train them to perform it well.  With the recent disruptions, it took longer than anticipated to rehearse with all members together, but finally…last week with Ms Helen playing the piano and all four Pod Squad members singing, we were able to record their song.

You can listen to a preview here.

So – this is the tune to listen out for. When you hear it, you’ll know that you’re listening to your favourite kitchen garden pod squad podcast!  Great job girls!  Great job, Ms Helen!  Thank you all for persevering with this worthwhile collaborative project!

Written and posted by D.Veary; Music by Ms Helen; Singing by Pod Squad members: Harper, Scarlett, Ruby and Sam


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