Hi Everyone,
Welcome to another school year. I hope you and your children are settling back in to the MRPS community well.
Thank you for all your support last year and we look forward to your efforts again this year.
The AGM will be held this month and we definitely need a new president, vice-president and vice-secretary. All other positions will also be open.
We have several executive committee members who have already said they will resign from their positions. 
The P&C will need a new president to replace Lise Nikulinsky, a Vice-President to replace Donna-Marie Egan, and a new Vice-secretary to replace Alex Hawthorne.
All other positions will also be available,
Please consider if you are keen to give any of these jobs a go, or ask your friends to think about it, or encourage them to get involved.
One of the P&C’s major projects over the past few years has been the quadrangle project, which is nearing completion, the beautiful mural across the basketball wall, and the completion of the undercover area.
The P&C also made a major funding contribution to the kitchen garden, as well as financially supporting the decision to make broad-brimmed, black hats a part of the school uniform.
Wishing you a fantastic year. Please feel free to contact me.
Gabrielle Adams
Margaret River Primary School P&C
9757 1920

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