Our Amazing Specialists! 3

At MRPS we are really lucky to have talented and dedicated specialists for Music, Art, Phys Ed, Indonesian and Digital Technologies.  Each one pursues his or her specialty area with passion and creativity, which we often feature on this website.  We have recently had the Indonesian lunch, the Rockfest at the Tavern, Faction Sports and Winter Sports Carnivals, and here is a closer look at the art display in the front office of Year 5/6 artworks put together by Sally Fawcett.

Sally extended students’ classroom inquiry into the effects on our natural environment and bush regeneration after fire, through an exploration of the work of West Australian artist, Michelle Gilks. Students studied her botanical series of mixed media artworks, and were inspired to create their own. They were encouraged to focus on creating organic shapes to represent bushfire and regeneration in the Australian bush.

They used multiple techniques, including painting, stencilling and screen printing, and their artworks were given dramatic backgrounds by highlighting positive and negative space.

What a great result!

Written and posted by D. Veary; Photos by Sally Fawcett

2 thoughts on “Our Amazing Specialists!

  1. Helen Collis says:

    Fabulous results Sally. Your passion and talents shine through our students. Thank you for everything you do.

  2. Danielle Eitzen says:

    Absolutely stunning artworks, congratulations Sally and all your creative students.
    Danielle Eitzen Visual Arts Specialist RLPS

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