Musical Creations - Building A Hosaphone 3Mrs Armstrong recently taught her IMMS brass students how to build a Garden Hosaphone.

She said:

We learnt this as an optional activity. It is played altering the pitch with the lips only, just as you do when you play the bugle. You can only play notes of the harmonic series. I’ve had a couple of students eagerly go home and make one.

When Rupert brought his instrument in Mrs Armstrong was very impressed and you can see why in this video.

Photos by Mrs Armstrong; Video clip by Amy J.; Written and posted by D. Veary

2 thoughts on “Musical Creations – Building a Hosaphone

  1. Helen Collis says:

    That’s awesome Rupert!
    Mrs Armstrong – great fun!
    I wonder how many students might take up the challenge?
    I can hear them all playing at once- music to my ears!
    X Ms Helen

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