MUSIC AVIVA is here again.  This year the performance at MRPS will be held in the undercover area on Wednesday 31 August and will be performed by SIROCCO.  Ms Helen says:

This performance is part of our school’s learning program and builds on preparatory work done in the classroom utilising the Sirocco resource kit.  The kit’s teaching resources are linked directly to the music curriculum as well as other curriculum areas, especially around literacy and numeracy.

More about the performance:

Drawing on the music of Asia, Sirocco aims to express the concept of “Australia in Asia” by producing dynamic eastern sounds with a distinctive Australian flavour….This concert provides students with the opportunity to celebrate our diverse cultural heritage as well as sample a wide range of sounds and instruments.

The cost is $5 per child.  Parents are invited to attend, free of charge.  For more information on Musica Viva concerts and related activities around Australia and internationally, click on this link MUSICA VIVA.

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