Img_6019 (Small)Recently, Musica Viva’s Fiddlesticks trio brought Chamber Music to life with their fantastic performances in the undercover area.  The whole school attended a range of performances over two days where they heard live versions of music they had learned about with Ms Helen in music.  Fiddlesticks lived up to their name, given (in their own words) to a group who enjoy having fun while they make music with ‘fiddle sticks’ (on the violin).

Img_6026 (Small)As quoted on their website,

Close your eyes and listen. What do you hear? What do you imagine? From scary Norwegian trolls and Armenian sabre fights, to fiery South American tangos and Scottish folklore, Fiddlesticks take students on an imaginary journey across the world! This trio of guitar, violin and cello will open young minds by weaving exciting stories through the magic of live music performance. With a repertoire spanning classical, tango, world, contemporary and original music, Fiddlesticks really show the things you can do with strings.

Img_6015 (Small)Students were really treated to high quality music and they responded enthusiastically when asked to participate actively in the performance.  It was an event enjoyed by all.  Many thanks to Ms Helen who ‘keys the students in’ through music lessons where they learn the tunes, about the instruments and the stories behind the pieces they will hear.  🙂

Fiddlesticks Performers are:
Duncan Gardiner – guitar
Pascale Whiting – violin
Sophie Curtis – cello

Written by D. Veary; Video clips by Ms Helen and D. Veary; Posted by D. Veary

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