Count Us In (Small)

2 days to go – We’re singing our song with the rest of Australia THIS THURSDAY!

L-I-F-T!!   Breathe and sing your heart out.   Click on the links below to practise!  Ms. Helen and Bobo are holding their breath….we know you’re going to be awesome!

 Put your cursor over the link below and click on the Blue Arrow to PLAY.

01 The Music is Everything

You can practise the song here and see the lyrics to sound your very best on the day.  Click on the link below to see the lyrics.


Make Ms. Helen and Bobo proud!

13 thoughts on “4,3,2,1…MUSIC! COUNT US IN THIS THURSDAY

  1. Anika T5 says:

    The music is everything is my favourite song…I am loving this song……When is the party starting, I feel like dancing..

  2. Ebony Nash says:

    This songs fun to sing:P XD Im gonna go on australian idol my friend lana Krost Was on there but hardly any people voted for her 🙁

  3. Amber T5 says:

    I think the music is lovely! It’s got a feel about it that just makes me want to jump up and dance! Not to mention sing to my hearts content! Talking about singing, I can almost sing it off by heart. I just get a bit stuck with verse 2!!!!

  4. Room 16 at Music says:

    We listened to The Music Is Everything and we sung it beautifully with Timmy the listening lion and Bo Bo. We followed the words too – we are great readers and singers!
    These are some of the things we think about the song:
    “It Rocks… it’s cool, it’s lovely, it;s amazing…”

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