Mulga Bill Assembly 009 (Small)

At the Tuesday 5th March Senior Assembly the students from T4 performed Banjo Paterson’s poem “Mulga Bill’s Bicycle” to a packed audience.  Dressed ‘resplendently’ they recited the poem word perfect, a feat that teachers and parents were all very impressed by.  The Director of the performance, Mr Madden, added his own touch by incorporating a snippet of Queen’s “I Want to Ride my Bicycle”, with dramatic twists to enable the students to deliver a polished and well presented performance.

This was part of their preparation for the Year 4 Bike Camp (which we’ll hear more about here soon).  Many thanks to Campbell Madden for directing and producing this item.  🙂

Written and photos by Liz Angell; Video by Craig Mainard; Posted by D. Veary

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