Max Keeps Our New Crosswalk Safe! 5Max Keeps Our New Crosswalk Safe! 6

We now have an authorised school crosswalk on Forrest Road to make it safer for our kids arriving at school.  Parents will have noticed our new traffic warden, Max Godden, watching out for kids, holding out his flags and shepherding kids safely across the road.  This means that all motorists will need to heed the 40kph speed limit outside the school and parents will need to drop children off either in the carpark in Forrest Road or in a side road.  Students can then safely walk to the crossing and wait for Max to stop the traffic.  This is a much needed service and Max was instrumental in establishing the official crosswalk for our primary school.  Max brings his experience as a traffic warden on school crosswalks in Perth as well as his bright and friendly manner to this role.  Thank you, Max.  🙂   Listen to his words of welcome to you all.  [Click on the arrow to listen]Max -crosswalk introduction

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