Making Waves at the Aquatic Centre 3

In a really tight contest, Sun faction just pipped Ocean Faction to win this year’s Margaret River Primary Senior Cell swimming carnival held at the Aquatic Centre on the last day of the third school term.

Crucial in the Sun faction charge was the fact that it scooped the pool in terms of gathering all of the Year 7 awards with Year 7 Boys Champion Jolan B, runner up Cooper S. and Year 7 Girls Champion Imogen C. and runner up Anika F.

Sun Faction had recruited cleverly in the “off season” with the drafting of Jolan (newly nicknamed the “French Fish”), as this was the first swimming carnival in which he had swum.

Runner up Ocean Faction was more than ably led by Year 6 Boys Champion Jaz K-H, and Year 6 Girls runner up Julia G.

Swimming beautifully for Forest was the very consistent Donnie L. (Year 6 Boys runner up), whilst Ester P. (Year 6 Girls Champion) was outstanding for Earth.

Overall points scores were as follows:
Sun    206
Ocean    194
Earth    147
Forest    129

Encouragement awards this year went to India W. (Year 6) of Sun and Ben Van Der S.(Year 7) of Forest

Swimming carnival organiser and MRPS Physical education teacher Gary Gibbon said he was pleased at the high levels of enthusiasm and participation by all competitors. He also said the carnival complemented the school’s swimming lessons beautifully. He also thanked the large group of parents, many of whom came to the pool early,  ready to assist with the carnival.

A highlight of this carnival was the first unveiling of the new faction shield – The Roseanne Podmore Shield – being presented by the lady herself to Sun Faction captains Cooper S. and Kaya H.

After the carnival was over all factions enjoyed the opportunity of taking on the challenge of the “Aqua run” or having a free swim with friends.

Written and photos by Gary Gibbon; Posted by D. Veary

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