Saturday night lived up to all expectations!  Margaret River Primary School families came along in good numbers to enjoy our annual celebration of the Burning of the Vine Cuttings.  It was good to hear the event being promoted by the local tourist bureau which was mirrored in the good attendance figures.

Our “Joey Choir” kicked off the music items with a rollicking rendition of “Gary Galah ” led by our¬†energised music teacher, Helen Collis.¬† They were followed by our¬†senior school choir who performed to their usual high standard while the¬†Year 6/7 Ensemble¬†showcased their clarinet and flute prowess. ¬†School bands, “NightFall” and ”¬†Just Visible” entertained us for the afternoon with guest performances by¬†former school bands, “PMG” and “RAWR”.¬† Their high energy level was contagious and¬†they soon had¬†a captivated audience rocking to their music.

The food stalls catered for all tastes and were flat out all afternoon.  As night fell, glowlights came into their own and looking out into the dark of the lawns,  twirling balls of coloured lights spun and throbbed with a life of their own, seemingly suspended in the air.  The gift of darkness (sans daylight saving) this year highlighted the flames of the firetwirlers as they danced through the air, a prelude to the bonfire.  People were drawn like moths to watch the pyre of vine cuttings explode into fire and burn strong and tall into the night sky.

With a sudden loud bang the spectacle of the night began Рthe fireworks!  They were a symphony of colours exploding in jetstreams of purple, red and green with fizzy eruptions of gold dust sprinkling across the sky.  The display was long and spectacular, culminating in a vibrant grand finale which left us gasping.  That alone was worth being there on Saturday.

And so it was over for another year.¬† Huge thank yous to¬†those who organised such a smoothly-run event (we know who you are :-)) and to everybody who worked so hard to make it such a memorable night on our school’s calendar.¬† Thank¬†you to Leeuwin Estate, our¬†hardworking P&C¬†and our special ¬†BOTVC sponsors who make¬†it all possible. ¬†Until next year then … and go put it into your diary now for November 2011.

Enjoy this slideshow of the BOTVC Music

Thank you to John Collis for his photos. ūüôā

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