Mari Belajar Warna – Let’s Learn Colours

Starting February 17, the Year 3 students of Margaret River Primary School have been having fun learning colours in the Indonesian Language. Every Wednesday this term, Ibu Janice will assign a different group of five or six students to learn colours in Indonesian with Pak Adrian, the Indonesian Language assistant.
In getting the students ready, Pak Adrian displays a video,  “Belajar Warna bersama Diva,” meaning “Learning Colours with Diva.”  The cartoon animations in the video really catch the students’ attention. They sit and watch the video nicely. Diva, the character in the video, shows three colours(red, blue, yellow) and then mixes them to make other colours.
Last week, the students could not wait to have their turn and start on the colour project.  They are painting a colourful wheel, so Ibu Janice decided to choose the students who had been good listeners on that day.
In this project, the students are given three main colours (red, yellow, and blue). From the main colours, the students mix certain colours to get orange, green, purple, and brown. While the students were mixing and painting the colours, Pak Adrian mentioned the names of the colours in Indonesian and asked the students to repeat the colours after him. Besides that, conversation also occurs during the project with the range of Indonesian vocabularies the students have learnt, for example, “Siapa namamu?” meaning “What is your name?” and “Nama Saya Jade,” meaning “My name is Jade.”
Overally, the students are learning so much,step by step in Indonesian and they deserve lots of praise.  Well done, everybody!

Pak Adrian 😎

Enjoy watching this slideshow of Room 6 students working on their colours in LOTE.

Learning About Colours In Lote 5Learning About Colours In Lote 6


  1. pakadrian says:

    Sama-sama. 🙂 Thank you for the support!
    There will be more to see 😉

    We look forward to hearing more from you, Pak Adrian.
    Mrs Veary 🙂

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