For those of you who’ve been wondering just what has been going on with all the digging and earth-moving machinery down Forrest Road, the lavender pipeline is going underground.  I noticed the bright lilac pipes on the footpath and went to investigate.  I found Laurie Craven of LG & Sons hard at work and he filled me in.

Laurie And The  Pipes
Laurie Craven of LG & Sons

This is only one section of the 12km long pipeline being dug across town to pump recycled water to key locations to irrigate ovals.  The pipeline will travel west past the school (with an offshoot to supply our water tank to irrigate our ovals), crossing Bussell Highway 1.5m underground, then extending all the way to the golf course greens.

The lovely lavender pipes are a colour-code to indicate ‘recycled water’ (whereas drinking water is colour-coded blue). The black pipes with lavender stripes are heavy-duty pipes which will go under the roads.

 Once again, MRPS are participating in a ‘Climate Action’ project.   Thanks to our Shire for making this possible.

Click on this link to read more about this project on the Shire’s website.

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