Kitchen Garden Wedding - Tickets Available From 5 September 3

MRPS is fundraising to fit out the newly renovated transportable classroom which will be used as a teaching kitchen at the school. It’s the big blue building you may have noticed on the edge of the playground. Five work stations and a demonstration station will be installed in the building which will form the second stage of the KG project, a project which aims to educate our students about growing, harvesting, preparing and sharing fresh seasonal produce. It will complement the existing garden program that has been effectively running at the school now for two years.

The future of the garden and kitchen program will very much depend on the support that is given to guarantee its survival. We are appealing to you, our community of friends and families to acknowledge the new direction we are taking with this project and to share the responsibility of maintaining this fruitful and meaningful union. At the moment the kitchen is bare so we have much to do.
Hopefully you can attend this special fundraiser at Xanadu where you can enjoy an exceptional four course meal showcasing local, seasonal produce. Enjoy quality wines and a fun night of good food, good company and groovy tunes.

You are invited to visit Aspenz in Margaret River and select an item required for the kitchen fit out, from the register that you would be happy to gift to the kitchen garden project. Aspenz are a great supporter of the project and have kindly offered these items at a  20% discount. In addition they are offering 3 lucky draw prizes for those of you who purchase something from the register. Ist prize is a 5 piece Circulon Saucepan Set with great second and third prizes too. Lucky Draw prizes will be drawn on the night. Alternatively, you may prefer to make a personal donation, direct to the school that would help purchase some of the bigger items needed in the kitchen.

With only 150 tickets available, be sure to get in fast. Tickets available from the 5th September. Tables of 10 can be reserved.

With your support we will have our kitchen program operating in First Term of 2012 for an even larger number of students who already benefit from this amazing program.

A huge thank you to Xanadu Wines and Aspenz for supporting this event