New chook run (2) (Small)
There have been many questions around the school about what the new fencing is for, near the kitchen garden.

The exciting news is that we have built a day run for some feathered friends. That’s right, the kitchen garden program will soon be incorporating chickens into the program!

IMG_2138 (Small)
Animals form an important part of any living system and it is hoped that having chickens will not only provide us with eggs for our kitchen, but will also give us ready to use fertiliser,  compost material and will relieve some of the pressure on the worms who are struggling to get their way through our schools organic waste. Did you know that last year we collected over a tonne of organic waste that those little worms worked their way through!

The kids are really excited about having chickens at school and the new day run will allow them to observe them closely and watch their behaviour. There is nothing quite so enjoyable as watching a chook scratch about for worms or luxuriantly dust bath in the sunshine. Every day the kids will be responsible for putting the chooks safely to bed in their chook house and keeping their environment clean and hygienic.

New chook run (1) (Small)
So start thinking about some names for our girlies. Susie will be taking suggestions and there may even be a small prize for the winning names!

You can post your suggestions here in a comment.

Written by Susie Ormonde; Photos by Geoff Mcleod; Posted by D. Veary

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