INTRODUCING OUR YEAR 5 KITCHEN GARDEN JOURNALISTS 5Last term our team of Year 5 Kitchen Garden journalists received their badges, which we marked with a photo in the garden!  They have done a fabulous job so far, working collaboratively with Mrs Veary as their mentor to brainstorm news items, then taking individual responsibility for writing about different news items, working to deadlines with drafts, reviews and finally – publication!

Mrs Veary said, that

Over the term I have seen students’ skills develop – from time management to written expression, as well as their communication and collaboration skills. Each team has taken a unique slant, to make their contribution stand out. This journalism role requires commitment and enthusiasm, while embodying writing skills and photography skills with camera angles and close-ups. I have been very impressed with their journalism last term and I look forward to their upcoming reports this term.

I am sure that you will agree that our teams have brought our kitchen garden program just that little bit closer as we’ve shared student perspectives across the full range of Year 5 classes.

INTRODUCING OUR YEAR 5 KITCHEN GARDEN JOURNALISTS 6We also welcome our guest journalists from the Year 5/6 class, who have agreed to be our journos for Year 6 events this term.  You will have seen their first publication about the Year 6 Fun Run Stalls!  A great job, girls!


Written by, photos and posted by D. Veary