KITCHEN GARDEN BUSY BEE THIS SUNDAY 3This Sunday the Kitchen Garden is about to get bigger and we need your help to achieve it!
We need 6-10 strong adults to dig footings for the new garden beds and to lay new reticulation pipes. We are aware that there are some sports presentations for cricketing families on the same day so we are making an early start.
If you can come along and have a trenching shovel or spade and a few hours to give to the project, we would love to see you at 8.30am this Sunday. (We have some tools available so don’t worry if you don’t!)
If you need more information or to register your help please call Susie on 0488734319 or Ben on 0408294896


Written by Susie Ormonde; Photo by Geoff Mcleod; Posted by D.Veary

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