And the winner is Molly from Room 9 – Yes it was Storm Wrightson! Congratulations, you’ve won yourself a voucher !

Thanky you to all those that commented – you were correct too! The name drwn out was Molly!Mystery Cover - Leave Your Comment - You May Be The Winner!

Here’s the next one –

Can you guess who did this??

7 thoughts on “Keep In Tune

  1. helencollis says:

    Mystery Journal

    There will be a bigger challenge next time!!

    Lots of Journal covers to identify – stay tuned!!
    Ms. Helen, Bo Bo, Timmy & Pappose

  2. helencollis says:

    Thank you for your comments! You were all correct. The name drawn out was..
    The winner of the Mystery Journal is….

    Talia (I’m not sure what room Number Talia please let me know!
    Ms. Helen

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