Who created this?
Who created this?


Mystery Music Masterpiece

Do you recognise this masterpiece?  Is it yours?  

Enter your answer in the Comment box – you could go into the draw to win a surprise voucher!

HINT: Ask to see your friends’ Front Cover they’ve designed for their  Music Journal.

The winner will be announced on the Blog this Friday. 

GOOD LUCK from Ms. Helen & Bo Bo!!

PS>  Have you got your display folder (Yrs 1 – 3) and recorder (Yrs 4 – 7) ready to bring to your next Music Class?? Excellent!!

11 thoughts on “KEEP IN TUNE

  1. Talia T5 says:

    is it storm w ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  2. dawnvea09 says:

    Are you giving any clues, Ms Helen? I wondered if it was someone from Year 3 or even… Room 6?
    Mrs. Veary 😎

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