This week students have enjoyed a delicious fruit kebab, delivered to their classrooms thanks to all those friends and parents who gave their time to chopping up a range of yummy fruits.  Thank you to parents: Tracy, Alex and Jenny on Monday, and Steph, Carolyn and Alison on Wednesday. 🙂

Despite the torrential rain and howling gales, students were treated to  herb pikelets cooked up by Sally Hayes and Suzie Ormonde on Thursday.  The green bits were carefully tasted as students tried to name the herbs used.  Thank you to our ‘brave’ volunteers and Mr. Mcleod for his extraordinary organisational skills. 🙂

Why don’t you tell Mr. Mcleod which activity you enjoyed most and why or you may like to suggest a new activity for  Healthy Fruit ‘n Veg Week next year.


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