IMG_0001 (Small) At the end of last term, our Year 5 journalist Emily C from T4 wrote this:

Finally, Year 5s are back in the kitchen making wonderful fettuccine and a marvellous tomato sauce to go with it.  To make our beautiful fettuccine we started with the dough, but our secret ingredient would have to be the yummy herbs that go just right with fettucine.

IMG_0002 (Small)The next two groups made the sauce.  They used thinly sliced cherry tomatoes, two cloves of garlic, herbs and one whole onion!  Delicious!  🙂

IMG_0006 (Small)We look forward to hearing more from the 5s this term and I heard they will be in the kitchen again next week…

Written and photos by Emily C in T4; Posted by D. Veary