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Our Year 5s met the challenge recently when Mel asked them to create entire dishes from a MYSTERY BOX of ingredients. There was no recipe included in the box.  Students were quick to create a meal from each box and you’ll be amazed to see the final products in this slideshow.

Amazing Apples created Italian Pasta; Terrific Tomatoes cooked Fried Rice; Crafty Capsicums invented Potato Pear Pizza; Brilliant Broccoli stirred up a Stir Fry; Radical Radishes dished up Bruschetta and Cool Carrots turned out Bean Tortillas!

You can see them in action in this Smilebox collage.  Click play then wait for it load before watching fullscreen (icon at base of Smilebox screen).

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This is what some of our Year 5 students in T7 had to say:

Mikyla said: The trickiest part was cutting the onion because it really hurts your eyes!

Rica B. said: I really enjoyed cutting the pears and making shapes with the dough.

Henri said: The pasta sauce tasted delicious to the extreme!

Indi said: The most interesting ingredients today was how we cooked the tortillas in the frypan quickly to make sure they didn’t burn.

Ramita said: Today I learnt how to make an omelette by whisking eggs, salt and pepper.


Written, posted by D. Veary; Photos and in-kitchen support by Lil Rochford

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