Kitchen 2016 PhotoYear 5 students cooked a range of dishes: curry, rice, dhal and pear crumble for dessert last week.

Collecting Ingredients...
Collecting ingredients…

Zac said that the trickiest part was trying to chop the onion without crying, while Kobe said he really enjoyed mixing the spices together.

Img_6264 (Small)Julie said that today she learnt how to fry different spices separately so that the flavour is enhanced, while Jayden said the most interesting ingredient of the day was asafoetida.

Hard At Work Preparing The Pears.
Hard at work preparing the pears.

Paige said that the pear crumble was really good and tasted good.

Students are really extending their cooking knowledge and skills each week and we look forward to hearing from our new journalists next week.

Written and photos by Zhai Wrightson; Posted by D. Veary




  1. Granny Valentini says:

    What an amazing way to inspire young kids the love of cooking .there could be a great chef in the making
    Well done to all ?

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