Fun Run 2018 13After a week of rain and storms, we all heaved a huge sigh of relief when the day of the Fun Run dawned with a watery sun but clear!  The cooler weather was perfect for running and the whole school geared up for the much anticipated event on the oval.  Years 3 to 6 were marshalled into their running groups and they set off at a cracking pace for the Weir where they circled the river before returning up that final hill and back to the finishing posts on the oval.

Meanwhile, Pre-primary to Year 2 students began their lapathon of the oval, enthusiastically completing as many laps as they could and marking up their scores as they went.

Not to be outdone, our Kindy students persevered through the drizzling rain with their Kindy  Fun Run and had fun climbing, running and balancing.Fun Run 2018 14 Fun Run 2018 15 Fun Run 2018 16 Fun Run 2018 17 Fun Run 2018 18

The runners displayed fitness, fortitude and a fun attitude towards the day.  All marshalls were very impressed with their good manners thanking them for their services and with their enthusiasm.  Many thanks to all those community members who volunteered their services to make this a safe community event.  We couldn’t have held it without you.
2018 Fun Run @ MRPS on PhotoPeach

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After lunch everybody was champing at the bit to begin the activities in this segment of the event – slithering and sloshing their way down the Slip ‘n Slide, having wild and dangerous creatures painted on their faces (or beautiful flowers), dancing on Ms Helen’s blow up piano keyboard, buying up big at the massive cake stall or Trash ‘n Treasure Stall or Book Stall or simply running wild and free in the Tunnel of Terror.  It was wonderful to see everybody having so much fun and working together to make this a very successful Fundraiser for ICT/Digital Technologies equipment across our school.

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Please make sure you do the really important part of this event now – remember to collect the money from your sponsors and bring it back to school as soon as possible to be in the draw for those fabulous prizes!


Written and posted by D. Veary; Photos by Rob Edwards and Geoff Mcleod and D. Veary