Fostering A Love Of Good Food... 3

We are pleased to welcome our Kitchen specialist for 2021 – Jodi Hunter!  She has had an ongoing love affair with food since she was a child.  With vineyards in the family and a European background, food was always placed well and truly at the centre of family life. Jodi says,

My mum let me cook ever since I could read which was pretty young. I love the smells and tastes, then sharing memorable meals with friends at home and at restaurants too.

Her food journey has given Jodi a deep appreciation for fresh healthy food, both the growing and the cooking of it. She says she is looking forward to using seasonal produce grown by students in the Kitchen Garden, picking and cooking healthy organic food, then sitting down together to share the meal. Jodi has added some personal touches to the kitchen already and from the feedback from students after their first cook, her dishes have been a big hit.

Jodi has worked with students at our school for the past six years, supporting early childhood classes, and she is now looking forward to combining her love of food with her love of working with our students. Sounds like a winning combination!

Written, photo and posted by D. Veary

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