Flash Mob Take Music To The People 5Picture the scene.  You’re pushing a loaded trolley down the aisle in Coles or IGA with little kids in tow.  You’re standing there, trying to decide which can of chickpeas to buy when music fills the store and suddenly, thirty-six Margaret River Primary School choir members materialise from nowhere and break into a beautiful rendition of “We are Australian” or “You Raise Me Up” !  You’ve just experienced a “Flashmob Music Moment”.  It’s guaranteed to brighten up your day or touch you and move you to tears. Either way, music specialist Helen Collis has succeeded in her aim of sharing  the music which students have learned at school, with the wider community.  🙂

To celebrate all the hard work the MRPS Senior Choir have put in this year, Ms Helen took them on a two-day adventure with Choir Camp last week.   On their way to Busselton, they flashmobbed people in both local supermarkets, Cowaramup main street (which saw them invited into the Tennis Club to sing), Palandris, and then their performance drew the crowds back into a deserted Fig Tree Lane in Busselton.  It was an affirming experience for students as they sang to wrapt audiences and loud applause at each stop.  Throats warmed, students were in fine form for their evening’s entertainment back at camp – a Bollywood evening!

Ms Helen had organised a treat for their final day – an excursion to the Underwater Observatory on the Busselton Jetty – which lived up to all expectations and students were commended by Jetty staff for their exemplary behaviour while there.  In high spirits, students sang for visitors and overseas tourists on the jetty railway and later at a local cafe.   People’s faces told the story of their serendipitous experience, kaleidescoping emotions from shocked to surprised and then  delighted.  They proved that music is a universal language which transcends cultural and linguistic differences as people sang their praises and said how privileged and fortunate they felt to have heard our choir sing.  This camp truly became a celebration of music for all involved.

In these videos you can see just how much fun they had and you’ll remember just how magical their voices sound. 

Flash Mob Take Music To The People 6Ms Helen would like to thank all the willing helpers who went on the camp (Liz McCullagh, Lisa Chandler, Beatrice Burns, Aisling Brown and Campbell Madden).  They filled  roles including “food shoppers, chef extraordinaire, nurse , ‘sound engineer’ and  provided moral support”.  She’d also like to thank the P&C for helping with the Farmers’ Market fundraiser and all our local business sponsors for their support, namely: Podmores, IGA, Coles, Target, Settlers Tavern, Margaret River Surgery, Margaret River Medical Centre, Forest Health Centre and Shephardsons for sponsoring the bus hire.  Thank you all.

Written and posted by: D.Veary;  Photos: Thanks to parents and friends of the choir


  1. Susie Ormonde says:

    Good on you Helen and the Choir. You look amazing and I bet you gave a thrill to everyone who was lucky enough to see you all. I am sure your efforts were so well worth it. Have you thought about a parents and children choir? i want to look as energized as those kids and the teacher in the photos. It would be an amazing experience to share.

  2. Eve Bluntschli says:

    Well done Miss Helen and all the children in the choir – you all sang beautifully. As for the soloist in “You Raise Me Up” – sensational! What an amazing voice you have – thank you for sharing it with us all……….

  3. Jenny Simpson says:

    Wow how fabulous! You are all wonderful ambassadors for our school – thanks Miss Helen for providing the choir with such a great opportunity to share music with the community!

  4. Narelle Jennion says:

    Great to see footage of them wowing the SW. It did sound like many people were entertained and the kids had a great time.

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