Film Crew Visit Showcases Asian Literacy 3As a result of the Becoming Asian Literate Grants to Schools Project, which was undertaken by 355 schools  Australia wide, Margaret River Primary School was chosen as an exemplary school for filming.  We are one of only three schools Australia wide, and the only Western Australian school to be selected.  Last Tuesday the Asian Educati0n Foundation sent a film crew to our school to  film key aspects of our program.  They interviewed the principal (Sinan Kerimofski), the project leader (Janice Dunlop) and teachers to show how they are implementing Asian literacy innovatively and successfully.  This film will be used as a model to promote and professionally develop curriculum leaders, principals and teachers Australia wide on the Asia Education website.  It should be ready for distribution next year.

Film Crew Visit Showcases Asian Literacy 4
Pamela Stewart (State Advisor Asia Education Foundation, University of Melbourne) interviewing Janice Dunlop (MRPS Project Leader)

Janice Dunlop said:

The State advisor was extremely impressed with what is going on in our school, the motivation and enthusiasm of the staff and the students’ level of understanding of Asian literacy in the topics they have been studying.

The cameraman, who had just returned from filming for Disney in the United States, said:

This is the nicest school I have ever been in.


Written by Janice Dunlop; Photos and posted by D. Veary

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