All year 4 – 7 students are invited to design a digital advert promoting our B.O.T.V.C. fundraiser. 

You may use the digital software with which you are most familiar : Kidpix, Gimp, Scratch, Pivot, Powerpoint, Moviemaker, or just record your audio version on soundrecorder or film your ad on digital video. 

PRIZE: The winner of this competition will receive a family pass to B.O.T.V.C. and the best entries will be screened on our Community Blog.

Your entries need to be saved in the i-drive >>Rooms>>DIGITAL ADVERTS and make sure it is named: Digital advert by………………(your names)…….

Closing date is Friday 18 September by 3.20 p.m.


  • Date: Saturday 7th November 2009
  • Venue: Leeuwin Estate Winery
  • Time: Gates open 5.30 p.m. to 9.00 p.m.
  • Cost: $25.00 family,  $10.00 adult,  $5.00  child
  • Attractions: bands, entertainment, glowsticks, food, bonfire, fireworks

So come on, you talented kids at MRPS – strut your stuff and show everyone what you can do!

Mrs. Veary 😛

PS: I will meet with interested students to discuss your ideas at recess on Monday in Room 6.