What fabulous sunny weather for our Junior Faction Sports Carnival today!  Teams  from Pre-Primary to Year 2 were colourful and energised as they moved around their stations, competing with enthusiasm and good sportsmanship,

Students competed in 6 events: the 50m run, long jump, tunnel ball, flag race, sack race and unders and overs, rotating through each event at a different station, to keep everyone actively involved for the entire event.

Ms Kim Hamilton, who organised the event, said:

Our new format was very successful and it maximised participation and ensured that every student had the chance to have a go at events.  There was a real community spirit out there today with parents and younger siblings all joining in the fun!”

Mr Nathan James was in charge of the long jump and he said,

It was fantastic to see students doing excellent jumps and parents jumping too.

Enjoy this clip from the day.

Photos by Ms Jolly, Written and Posted by D. Veary

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