Choir To Perform At Vintage Stomp 3 Imagechef Sketchpad - This Sunday, 2nd May, the Vintage Stomp will be on at Voyager Estate.  Our school choir will be performing on the Main Stage at 12.25!  They will be singing songs with a Californian theme and would love your support. 
All choir members need to wear their black hats from school.  Please meet at the muster point at 10.15 a.m.   The Parade will begin at 11.00.
Gnarly grom Marley mini ramp crew have advised us that there will be lots of rides for the kids this year and that there will also be a mini skateboard ramp as part of the Kid’s Fairground.  If you want to ride on the ramp, you will need to bring your skateboard and safety gear (eg. helmets, knee pads…) along with you.
MONDAY ASSEMBLY ITEM – THE CHOIR PERFORM    On  Monday morning the choir will be performing their Vintage Stomp items at our Assembly which begins at 9.00 a.m.     Parents are invited to attend.

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