Celebrating Sporting Success 9Last week Year 4/5/6 swimming champions were announced at the combined assembly.  The final results of the faction swimming carnivals were also announced. They are:Celebrating Sporting Success 10Year 4: RU Boy Isaac A, Champ Flynn H

Year 4: RU Girl Lottie W, Champ Poppy W
Year 4: Encouragement Zoe J
Winning Faction: Sun
Celebrating Sporting Success 11Year 5: RU Boy Curren D, Champ Finn S
Year 5: RU Girl CJ S,  Champ Taylor S
Year 5: Encouragement Kaya E
Winning Faction: Forest
Celebrating Sporting Success 12Year 6: RU Boy Charlie W, Champ Kyesier A
Year 6: RU Girl Daisy B,  Champ Emily B
Year 6: Encouragement Noah Partington
Winning Faction: Earth
The Senior Swimmng Shield combined Year 5 and Year 6 results and the overall winner was Sun!
Written by Liz Angell; Posted and photos by D. Veary

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