To all our MRPS School community families –

As you begin the heartbreaking task of returning home to assess the damage and clean up, we offer you this site to state your needs so that others in our school community are able to see how they may help.   If you know of any particular needs or wish to use this site to organise cleanups or other support, feel free to post a comment below so that others may respond as needed.

We hope this may in some way help families overcome this terrible disaster.

Two school psychologists and our chaplain will also be available this week at school to support  families and students.  Please feel free to avail yourself of this service, even if it’s simply to talk to someone.

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  1. Mel Gurney says:

    If anyone would like a hand in cleaning up, inside or out, or has elderly neighbours etc who may need help, I am happy to help during school hours any day
    Please leave a message by return e-mail to [email protected] or ph 0424 140470
    Mel Gurney

  2. Rona McLean says:

    Hi to families and friends affected by the fire. If you are looking for clothes and perhaps some other items to tide you over until you get your feet on the ground the ADRA Opshop along Station Rd is happy to help.
    Warmest regards

    Rona McLean

  3. Susie Ormonde says:

    To everyone affected by the fire which we all have been in a way, if you need anything to make whatever space you have found yourself in more homely – a pot plant, some herbs, a bunch of flowers please let me know. I know the essentials are most important, but it is often the other things that are missing that can make a difference. I am also happy to make extra food to drop off, help in any garden clean ups/ kids clothes donations, school uniforms etc. I am a bit of a hoarder so should be able to find just about anything.
    Thinking of you all and wanting to help
    Take care of yourselves
    Susie Ormonde

  4. Janette Hartnett says:

    If anyone is in need of toiletries, food or clothes, as an extention of the Lions shed, the Margaret River Scout Group has set up the hall as a centre to visit for these things. The Scout hall is in Glouster Park, behind the skate park and Zone room, (Old tennis club rooms). There will be people there between 9am and 4pm Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Maybe longer if it is required. Contact Lynn Jones on 9757 2256 or 0458 364 367.

  5. Pip Tugwood says:

    Thanks, thanks and a massive thanks to the fireys for saving almost all our places, we really didn’t think there was any chance.

  6. Craig Richards says:

    There is a food bank at the Scout Hall for those who need it. They have food coming in from nieghbouring towns and the local community.This food can also be used to restock our friends and families who supported us and opened their homes while we waited to get back to ours.

    My phone number is 0421348655, I live in Point Marmaduke, if you are in that area and need an extra pair of hands for clean up and rebuilding let me know. This is an ongoing offer for the months ahead.

  7. Lee-Anne Townrow says:

    I am also more than happy to help but haven’t really known how or where to start, so well done MRPS for providing this space.
    I am more than happy to help with cleaning up, providing or preparing food, washing clothes, etc.
    I can be contacted on [email protected]
    Our thoughts are with you,
    Townrow Family

  8. Sue Jackman says:

    Thanks to the wonderful Bush Fire and FESA Brigades, my home on Connelly Road remains a clean, green sanctuary.
    As I simply love laundry, I thought I could help by washing smokey clothes and linen! I have a large machine and heaps of hanging space outside. We have put up extra lines and are just waiting for people to take up this offer. Others have offered to help if I do get too many loads. Even if you can wash, you may still wish to come and hang things in a smoke free garden. Offer stands for as long as needed. Phone 9757 3033 and leave a message if I’m not home – never too far away! It’s hard to ask for or accept help, but if some of us via this blog can lighten your load then that’s got to be good for you and us!

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