garden 027 (Small)Today in Garden we tidied up and picked up all the leaves.  There was a nasty surprise hidden in those leaves – squishy bugs!  🙁  There were lots of leaves so Charlie did most of the job for us all.  FAB!

Ange had a quiz for us.  We had to walk around and see what plants we thought were ready to be harvested.  Delicious frizzy parsley was the only herb ready.  Jessica C, Skye D. and Lilly N. harvested the parsley – mmm… tasty! while Stella H. and I (Meg L.), were busy planting cauliflower seedlings.

garden 034 (Small)During the holidays the bugs and birds had all their friends come and have a delicious feast on all the berries and flowers.  We found lots of little bugs such as caterpillars, mini snails and spiders!  So, we got our revenge and picked them off and fed them to the chickens.

garden 022 (Small)

garden 021 (Small)Riley R, Ante A. and Lochia Q. carried the chickens to their day run.  Suddenly Zane noticed that a chicken had escaped and was ready to go down the slide in the playground!  We found his escape hole but the mystery is how did the hole get there?  Everyone wanted to help close the hole but there just wasn’t enough space!  Charlie was an expert at fixing the hole because he is a Scout!  🙂

garden 037 (Small)

Here’s something smelly – the compost is nearly up to its brim!  Some boys got really excited about it!

garden 029 (Small)

garden 030 (Small)

What a busy day!  We ended up having a great time!  😎

We hope you liked it.

Meg and Bella  🙂

Written by Meg L; Photos by T4 students; Posted by D. Veary

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