Firewords Light Up The Night Sky
Firewords light up the night sky

Answer the following questions by visiting our P&C Burning of the Vine Cuttings website.  Click on this link to get to the website.

1.  What is the date of this year’s Burning of the Vine Cuttings?

2.  What time do the gates open?

3.  Name 2 adult bands and 2 kids bands who will be playing?

4.  What was the original European tradition that gave B.O.T.V.C. its name?

5.  Work out what you could buy off the menu if you had $10.00 to spend.

6.  What do we call someone who designs and set off a fireworks show?

Good luck with your scavenger hunt.  All correct entries will go into a draw for a glowlight product.  You have until the end of the holidays to enter this competition. Final date for entries is Friday, 16 October 2009 at 4.00 p.m.

Mrs. Veary 8)


8 thoughts on “B.O.T.V.C. ON-LINE SCAVENGER HUNT

  1. Toby Rm 1 says:

    1. 7th of November
    2. 5. 30pm
    3. KIds of Leon, Human Ipod, Hoozya Dady and Beats r Burning
    4. Guy Fawkes
    5. Burger, Yahava Cookies and Sausage Sizzle
    6. Pyrotechnics

    Special mention, Toby. You are our very first response! See me tomorrow for a prize.
    Mrs. Veary 🙂

  2. Amber T5 says:

    1. 7th November 2009
    2. 5:30pm-9:00pm
    3. Kids of Leon and 621 are the kids bands and the adult bands are: Beats R Burning and Hoozya Daddy
    4. It was a celebration which saw field workers an end-of-pruning bonfire, drinks, music, dancing and other things. Also Guy Fawkes, a popular villian in the 17th century, he tried to blow up the Houses of Parliament and assassinate King James the 1st.
    5. A burger=$5.00, a kebab=$2.00 and pumpkin soup and roll=$3.00. Total=$10.00!!!
    6. Pyrotechnics

    Wow, Amber! I love your explanation for number 4.
    Mrs. Veary 🙂

  3. Ella T Rm 4 says:

    1. Saturday- 7th of November
    2. 5:30pm
    3. Adult- Hoozya Daddy and Beats r Burning/ Kids- Human Ipod and Traffic Jam
    4. Guy Fawkes
    5. A sausage sizzle ($2.50), fairy floss ($2.00), stickey date pudding ($3.00) and a nice cup of tea to wash it all down ($2.50) 🙂
    6. Pyrotechnics

    Good work, Ella.
    Mrs. Veary

  4. Kyra Rm 5 says:

    1. Saturday November 7th
    2. 5.30pm
    3. Beats r Burning Hoozya Daddy human I pod 621
    4. Guy Fawkes
    5. Kebab ($2) Burger ($5) Coffee ($3)
    6. Pyrotechnics

  5. Molly Q rm 9 says:

    1. Saturday, November 7.
    2. Gates open at 5.30pm.
    3. Some of the adult bands are Groove-a- matic and Beats are Burning.
    Some of the kids bands are Chocolate and Freeway Six.
    4. Guy Fawkes Day
    5. I would buy for $10, a kebab, curry and rice and fairy floss.
    6. Pyrotechnics

  6. Bonnie H T2 says:

    1.Saturday 7th of November.
    2.The gates will open at 5.30
    3.Adult beats are burning and hoozya-daddy/kids bands are chocolate and freeway six.
    4. It was a celebration which saw field workers enjoy an end-of-pruning bonfire, drinks, music, dancing and other things. Also Guy Fawkes, a popular villian in the 17th century.
    5.1xburger1x fairy floss 1x sticky date pudding…
    6.A person that designs and sets fire works off is called a Pyrotechnic

  7. Phoebe S says:

    1. 7 th of November
    2. 5pm-9pm
    3. Rawr, Knightfall, Groove-O-Matics, Hoozya Daddy
    4. Guy Fawkes
    5. Burger + Beef Rolls
    6. Perth Prytechnics

  8. Ethan D, Rm 15. says:

    1. Saturday, 7th of November 2009.
    2. 5:30pm.
    3. Kids of Leon, Too Hot For TV, Groove-o-Matic and Hoozya Daddy.
    4. The Guy Fawkes Night or Bonfire Night.
    5. 2 Burgers.
    6. Pyrotechnic.
    🙂 🙂 🙂

    Thanks, Ethan. Love your smiley faces.
    Mrs. Veary

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