Anzac Day 2020 From Our School Community 3Anzac Day 2020 was commemorated like no other Anzac Day we can remember.  Instead of the usual Dawn Service and street parades with the jingle and shine of medals on freshly starched military uniforms, it was a solitary experience with great personal meaning.  People responded to the call to “Light up the Dawn”, braving the cold and dark of early morning to stand at the foot of their driveways with candles or torches as they played or listened to “The Last Post”, and observed one minute’s silence.
This is a collage of how some of our school community members commemorated Anzac Day remotely. [Click on photos to see larger slideshow.]
Many reflected privately with photos of their loved ones in uniform. Others gathered at the beaches, where they reimagined the scenes at Gallipoli as they tuned into the ABC’s Dawn Service broadcast. Some wove their love into flower wreaths which they laid at the War Memorial or in their gardens. What each of us did in our own way, was to collectively honour the memory of those who fought to preserve the lifestyle we all enjoy today.
Lest We Forget.
Kai de la M, one of our own (now in Year 7), lit up the dawn with the sombre tones of his trombone, playing “The Last Post” and “The Reveille”.  Thank you for sharing.

Written and posted by D. Veary; Photos courtesy of teachers at MRPS
With grateful thanks to Wendy Armstrong, Ros Love, Helen Grantis, Lorraine Macaulay, Danielle and Kai de la M. for their contributions.

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