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Unable to hold an Anzac ceremony at school last year due to Covid, it was with a sense of reverence and even gratitude, that students filed into the quadrangle area and took their seats for last Friday’s Anzac Ceremony.

Ms Angell gave an overview of the events of that first Anzac Day in 1915, which spawned our definition of “mateship” and the uniquely Aussie way of applying perseverance and ingenuity to overcome adversity and solve problems, with spectacular success.

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The sea of green heads rippled gently in the warm sunshine as Ms Helen’s Dreamcatch Choir and Andrea Manners’ Bella Melodias performed songs which encapsulated the mood and meaning of Anzac Day. Ms Helen played while Andrea conducted – and the audience listened appreciately, and even sang along where they could.

Their first item was “Wanjoo” – a Welcome to Country by Gina Williams and Guy Ghouse.

Their next item was a poignant reminder of why we come together to remember on Anzac Day, as they sang “The Last Anzac” by Michael Travers.

Our student leaders led the flag ceremony, dropping the flag to halfmast to the sombre tones of “The Last Post” as the entire school participated in the one minute silence, before raising the flag to “The Rouse”.

Our school leaders paid their respects, symbolically laying a beautiful wreath at the foot of the flagpole. The wreath was created by Helen Grantis, who also constructed the wreath placed at the War Memorial by Year 6 student, Lara P. during the town’s Anzac Day ceremony.

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Together we all sang “The National Anthem”, before the Dreamcatchers Choir and Bella Melodias presented their special musical item, “We Are Australian.”

The music wrapped us together in a solemn atmosphere of respect, turning our thoughts towards the Anzac qualities of sacrifice and service, inviting personal memories of those who have served or are serving, and remembering those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice to preserve our Australian way of life. All this gained a certain poignancy in the context of the turmoil we see in so much of the world today.

Lest We Forget

Our thanks go to Ms Angell for organising the ceremony, to Ms Helen and Andrea Manners for training our singers (noting that this was an inaugural performance by Year 3 Dreamcatchers), and to Helen Grantis for her creativity with the wreaths.

We hope you enjoy watching the musical performances in these video clips, especially as many parents of our singers were unable to be there in person.

Written and posted by D. Veary; Photos by D. Veary; Video Clips by D. Veary and with thanks to Rachel Scott

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  1. Helen Collis says:

    A fabulous recount of our MRPS ANZAC ceremony Ms.Veary. Thank you .
    Such an important day to remember those who indeed paid the ultimate sacrifice.
    The reformed MRPS Choir, the Dreamcatchers are to be congratulated on their empathy and respect whilst learning the songs to add to the ceremony. It was a pleasure to work with the Bella Melodias trained by Andrea Manners. Undoubtedly, all parents of our singers can be proud of their child’s contribution to our ANZAC day ceremony. Thank you Dreamcatchers, Bella Melodias and Andrea.

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