IMG_3934 (Small)Musica Aviva’s Amanaska were a huge hit with students and staff when they performed at school last week.  Their unique sound is a blend of unusual world instruments which Simon Lewis layers using multimedia effects including looping and echoes, which was accompanied by the beautiful voice of Raleigh.  Simon, Matt, Raleigh and Vinod make a creative team, each contributing in his or her own way. They each demonstrated their chosen instrument which included the keyboard, Didgeridoo, electronics, percussion, Iranian drum and Vinod Prasanna displayed his skill playing the bansuri (Indian flute) which is part of a 250 year family history of playing this instrument.
Students recognised the song they’d been practising in class and sang along when Amanaska sang “Sleep”.  You can listen to an extract here.

Enjoy some of Amanaska’s performance in the video clips below:
Freedom Dance video clip

Amanaska Drumming video clip

Amanaska Sliding Didgeridoo video clip

You can read all about Amanaska and check out the details of how they compose their music with GarageBand using loops, layering, effects etc. by visiting their website here – AMANASKA WEBSITE

Photos and videos by Jonelle Fraser and Dawn Veary; Written and posted by D. Veary