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Harmony Day in Pre-Primary

Yesterday the Pre primary students celebrated Harmony Day. We all dressed up in either traditional costumes from other countries or orange (the official colour of Harmony Day). We started the day with a parade and sang for parents. Next we all joined in activities in our classrooms such as: bracelet making and giving, making Vietnamese […]

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Bee-Bop-a-Lula Award

Music is such a good tool for mental wellbeing when we can sing and dance and be a little silly, letting our hair down.  Our 2017 Student Councillors entered into the spirit of this when we made this skit video clip celebrating the Bee-Bop-a-Lula Award. We will be using this clip to celebrate the Award […]

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Student School Leaders for 2017

Election fever hit Margaret River Primary last week as Year 6 aspirant leaders campaigned hard to win votes from their peers.  The results are in and this year’s school leaders are: School Councillors: Skye C.  Abbey L.   Kobe H. and Noah G. Faction Captains: EARTH – Emile C. and Ante A. OCEAN – Kai-Anna P. […]

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