On Friday our talented musicians performed for the whole school.  This is a slideshow of some of the items.  I’m still looking for a picture of the orchestral ensemble, so if anyone can help…?  You guys rock!

Talented Musicians Perform 5Talented Musicians Perform 6

 Click on the arrow to listen to a little of the Hooper Improvisation while you watch.    Aren’t our students just so talented?     Band Performance and Beautification 021


  1. Gabrielle Adams P&C secretary says:

    A big thanks to Mrs Veary for getting the Edublogs site up and running!
    This has been a great way to show off what amazing talented students we have, as well as their devoted teachers.
    Edublogs has been a great way to communicate, with all the competitions,
    events, photos, and the chance to have a comments.
    If you know anyone who is not a subscriber, tell them to get on to Edublogs next year!!!
    Thanks from the P&C to all the supporters, volunteers, local businesses, and all the teachers and students for making this a fantastic year for the school.
    Have a happy, safe holiday and cheers for Christmas and New Year.

    Gabrielle Adams
    For the P&C committee 2009

  2. Abbey:) says:

    hey no FAIR! where are the rock bands? 🙁
    that was awesome we had everyone standing up and everything!

  3. dawnvea09 says:

    Abbey – I didn’t have any footage 🙁 You guys were amazing! I’m always looking for clips from anybody who might have taken any….
    Mrs. Veary

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