Kitchen Garden News - T7 11Watering the Garden
On Thursday 22nd of March, I went to Garden with my class T7, Mr Murray, Terri and Sol’s mum.
Firstly, we sat down on the foam mat and listened to Terri. She said that the rooster had been moved to a farm and we had new Motorbike Frogs (which was cool).

Kitchen Garden News - T7 12
Later, Frankie and I got our gloves on and got watering cans. Next, we went to Tap no.2 and filled up our watering cans. Then we carried them to the first garden bed. Did I forget to mention that the watering cans were hard to carry. We watered the first garden bed, then the next and so on.

Kitchen Garden News - T7 13
Lastly, we needed to fill our watering cans up again but it was the end of the lesson so we couldn’t fill them up. We went back to class.
I felt happy because it was fun to water the garden and it was a nice cool day.

Written by India P. (T7)

Kitchen Garden News - T7 14Awesome Muffins
Today, at 11:25 we went to kitchen in MRPS with T7, Mr Murray and Sarah.
Firstly we washed our hands in the warm soapy water, and then we got our aprons and sat down.
After that, we were told we were making rhubarb and apple muffins
Lastly, we got all the ingredients and cooked it all up.  They were delicious!

Kitchen Garden News - T7 15
I felt grateful because we had the opportunity to use the kitchen.

Written by Flynn H. (T7)

Photos by Room T7 students; Written as shown above; Posted by D. Veary