New Kitchen T1 2011 001 (Small)Things are happening down at grass roots level for our kitchen garden. The transportable has arrived which is to become our new kitchen. 

New Kitchen T1 2011 002 (Small)The Department will pay for the building to be brought to classroom standard and the school will then begin alterations to turn it into a kitchen with five cooking stations. 

New Kitchen T1 2011 005 (Small)Community assistance will be welcome as we begin that process and we will put out a call in due course.  Watch this space for more updates on this exciting project 🙂


  1. Gabe Adams (Quick) says:

    A watched pot never boils they say, but the school’s hard work has proved that saying is wrong because it HAS boiled!!!
    Thanks for all the hard work and can you please teach them how to cook dinner.

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