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At our assembly in the last week of term, we marked the beginning of Naidoc Week listening to Phillip Walley-Sack.  Students enjoyed his quirky sense of humour as he played the didge to represent kangaroos and joeys.  On a more serious note, Phillip gave a clear message to ‘follow your dreams’ and he said that

to be a success – is up to you!

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He explained how he had always dreamed of playing the didgeridoo internationally for a living but all the way through his schooling people had told him that he needed to ‘get a real job’.  He did all the training that was required to ‘get a real job’ but he never lost sight of his passion to play the didgeridoo and kept that training up too.  Eventually, opportunities presented themselves and Phillip recently performed in New York.  He has performed twice for the Queen and once at CHOGM. He is following his dream and encourages all people to dream big and act on their dreams.  You can have a look at what Phillip does by visiting his website. [Click on PHILLIP WALLEY-STACK.]

Written, photos and posted by D. Veary

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