Thank you to our fabulous Garden journalists for this year!  Girls, you have done an amazing job and we’ve loved reading your newsy posts which have allowed us to get a firsthand account of what it is like to work in the organic kitchen garden!!  🙂  MrsVeary

Hello everyone and welcome to another amazing garden lesson with T4. Ange started by telling us what we were doing, but first  Miss Angell picked the chicken handlers. The chicken handlers were Eliza T , Lochie Q and Clay T. They started off by taking the chooks to their day run, followed by checking their water to make sure it was clean and fresh. They started collecting the nine warm fresh  brown eggs and very carefully lifted  them into a carton.

2Then Lachlan Q. scooped  the precious chicken manure into a bucket  and took it into the middle compost bin, so that Ange could make that compost into lovely fertiliser for our  fresh garden later on (especially for the olive tree !!!)
If you’re wondering why we never talk about the olive tree it is because it never usually gets much attention. So Ange decided to give it some attention by making another job for the chicken handlers. They had to give the olive tree some crystal clear water from our water tank!!  🙂  Now we hope the olive tree will grow fresh juicy olives that we can use in our kitchen.

1After the chicken handlers got started, Ange gave us all jobs.  One of the jobs was done by Ebony B and Miss Angell. They had a very important job.  They had to pull out the very large seeding silver beet  One of them was even taller than Miss Angell and the shorter one was the same size as Ebony.  🙂

4The people who did this next job were Ante. A , Eliza T, Skye D Charlie S and lots more people. These people had to check the whole garden for bugs. But there was a huge bug infestation over in the rhubarb that was slowly dying. Once all these people finished collecting all the bugs that they could see they took the slimy snails and crawly slaters into the chickens’ day run for them to eat for breakfast.  🙂

Bonnie H , Lachie G, Jessica C, King J, and Riley R were the people who picked the beans.  Picking beans was one of the fun jobs and it was also very important because when we go into the kitchen next we can make a dish with those delicious beans. 🙂  After garden, we got to pick a big bucket of scrumptious red strawberries to nibble on in class.  🙂
Bella and Summer said

We have been so happy to be garden journalists this year and we hope you’ve enjoyed reading our blog posts and we wish you a very healthy and happy holiday and hope you get out in the garden for the summer!

Written by Bella B. and Summer  C.; Photos by Zhai; Posted by D. Veary

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