Phys. Ed.

Physical Education


Throughout the year students participate weekly in physical education classes along with Middle Cell (Years 3 & 4) and Senior Cell (Years 5 & 6) specialist sport every Friday.

Annual events held are Faction Sports Day, Swimming Carnivals, Interschool Cross Country, Summer (basketball, volleyball, tee-ball and cricket) and Winter (football, soccer, netball and hockey) Carnivals.

Classes for K to year 3 students focus on fundamental movement skills. These are movement patterns that involve different body parts. They are the foundation or precursor patterns to the more complex skills used in play, games, sports, dance, gymnastics, outdoor education and physical recreation activities. They are broken into three categories – body management skills, locomotor skills and object control skills. Children who are confident with most fundamental movement skills are able to successfully participate in a wide range of sporting and recreational activities throughout their life. Proficient movers often have higher self esteem and self confidence.

Year 4-6 students focus on game skills and strategies while meeting their physical needs. The focus is to develop a ‘game sense’ approach. Game sense is an approach to modified sport that engages children in game like activities where there are opportunities to develop both skills and an understanding of the tactics of the game, creating thinking players.

During terms 2 and 4 students in years 5 and 6 partake in offsite sport options, a program designed to expose children to the wide variety of sporting and recreational activities available in the local community. The program encourages lifelong involvement in sporting and recreational activities for fun, friendship and health. A wide range of options is offered such as off road mountain biking, lawn bowls, basketball, bushwalking, boxing, surfing, yoga and dance. Middle cell students are also offered surfing classes.


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