Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

Co-ordinated by Ms Carey Jose


Students at Margaret River Primary School are encouraged to develop their emotional intelligence.

This is achieved through the class-based programs of Bounce Back Resiliency and Aussie Optimism.

The Bounce Back program, by Drs Helen McGrath and Toni Noble, has an easy acronym:

Bad times don’t last. Things always get better.

Other people can help you, if you talk to them.

Unhelpful thinking makes you feel more upset.

Nobody is perfect – not you and not others.

Concentrate on the good bits, no matter how small. Laugh every day

Everybody experiences sadness, hurt, failure, rejection and setbacks sometimes.


Blame fairly – how much was due to you, to others, or to bad luck.

Accept the things you can’t change, but try to change what you can first.

Catastrophising exaggerates your worries. Don’t believe the worst.

Keep things in perspective. It’s not the end of the world. It’s only a part of your life.

The Rock and Water program offers boys in Years 5 and 6  strategies on how to manage their anger and physicality through developing assertiveness and balance as they work through conflict and challenging situations.

CHIC is a program for girls in Years 5 and 6, which provides them with an opportunity to discuss Choices, Hopes, Identity and Connections in a comfortable small group environment. As social networking is such a big part of today’s lifestyle, we discuss the positive and negative impact it can have on peoples lives.