About This Blog

Big Things Happen Here

This is a place where our Margaret River Primary School Community and Supporters can access up-to-date pictures and information about current projects, recent events and celebrations. This is also a place where parents and friends can offer feedback, suggestions and positive comments on posts they read. It is a password protected site to safeguard our invited community and all comments will be directed through Mrs. Veary’s e-mail for moderation before being posted onto the site.

Enjoy the slideshows, which will play in a loop while you watch (you don’t have to click anywhere to get them to play).

If you wish to post a comment, click at the bottom of the post where you see no comments or # comments. A new window will open where you need to put your name, type the spam text to show you are a human, not a computer. Then click in the comment box and type your comment. Click submit comment when you are finished. Once Mrs. Veary has approved the comment, it will be published on the site under that post.

We look forward to offering an inside look at what’s happening at our school to those parents and supporters who are often unable to see things firsthand.

This blog can offer as much as you would like it to offer. If you have any suggestions of things you would like to see included, please post a comment.

D. Veary